Four walls for meetings with larger teams, but at a safe distance. Inside, you'll find everything necessary for productive meetings. Presentation and remote connection equipment. Whiteboard for writing, TV for viewing, fast internet, and IT support in case anything goes wrong. In the basic package, access to the kitchen with coffee, tea, and water as you prefer. And if you have a longer meeting ahead, you can order food. Plus, reception services.

price is set individually

Prices for conference room hire are set individually. The price depends on factors such as:

  • Number of people attending the meeting
  • Duration
  • Additional services
  • Periodicity of room rental


our walls for one-to-one conversations (maximum 4 people). And inside, everything you need for effective meetings. Equipment for presentations and remote connections. A whiteboard to write on, a TV to watch, high-speed internet and IT service - should something interrupt. Basic (or bundled) kitchen access plus coffee, tea, water to your heart's content. Food can be ordered for longer seating. Catering optional extra.

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